4 Ideas to Combine Email Marketing & SEO for Stellar Results

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4 Ideas to Combine Email Marketing & SEO for Stellar Results

SEO and email marketing can work well together to help professionals achieve their marketing goals. In fact, email in itself can positively impact SEO. Thus, it is advisable for us to seek out for the help of a company that conduct services with SEO Packages.

Below are some ways in order for them to function properly together.

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1. Repurpose old newsletter content.

For some digital marketers, newsletters are emails utilized to promote their latest blog posts. On some occasions, it is sent to promote new products and services. However, newsletters should be sent from time to time—it should be a regular content. Let your subscribers feel special by sending them some exclusive materials.

SEO benefits can also arise from this routine. As we all know, Google and other search engines love good content. When you repurpose your newsletters on different formats for those who are not yet on your subscriber list, your posts can definitely rank high on search engines. Just make sure follow SEO’s best practices.

2. Build epic content.

What is an epic content? An epic content is produced when you are creating newsletters from scratch, or you are sending emails as blog post promotions. High-quality, compelling content can keep visitors in your pages much longer. This, eventually, can improve on-site engagement metrics.

How can you produce epic content? Improve the following:
– existing content
– visuals and images
– content quality
– headlines

3. Send customized content to people in your email list.

A huge amount professionals love getting personalized content. There are many ways to incorporate customized materials in your content, even newsletters. But of course, we are more interested with how it can positively impact search engine optimization.

Make a survey, and ask your audience to answer it. Ask how often they want to get newsletters. These surveys can help with audience segmentation, depending on the kind of content they want to get in the newsletter.

Remember that relevance is an important SEO pillar. When you send customized, relevant content to people on your email list, most likely, they will link to it, and share it. More and more people can see your content.

4. Ask your subscribers for email reviews.

Reviews can help companies rank on Google. If you have a Google My Business account, you would know that positive rankings can really make a difference in a brand’s credibility.

Use email to get reviews from your clients. Getting reviews, and posting them can appear insignificant, but eventually, it can enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Moreover, it can tell you what parts of your brand or business need some improvements.

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