Watches have come a really long way. From makeshift wristwatches that were simply made from an attached pocket watch to automatic watches that do not require a battery to operate, there is a lot of history that can be told just by looking at watches.

However, there is a notion that’s been circulating all around stating that watches are going to be extinct. True enough, there are people that stop wearing them altogether since smartphones have basically made them extinct as such devices can also tell the time.

But, although smartphones do provide users with a timekeeping function, wristwatches are actually more than that.

Today, I am going to go over the reasons why you should still be wearing a watch even in this day and age.

Great Pieces of Craftsmanship

There is a reason why you do not see new watches from prominent watchmakers every year and that is because the design and the actual making of such timepieces require a lot of time and planning.

Every year, you can find many different smartphones that are usually just marginally better from the ones that were released in the previous year. This is not to say that there is no intricate craftsmanship that goes into the making of a smartphone, but compared to watches from Patek Philippe, for example, the craftsmanship of watches made by the said company is unparalleled.

When looking at luxury watches, you might think that their somewhat simple exterior is nothing special, but if you look at its inner workings, you will marvel at their beauty.


Watches were used to be deemed as accessories that can help tell the time but it has certainly gone a long way. Known as watch complications, additional features can be included in a timepiece to make it even more functional.

For example, a dive watch is built to last even when it is submerged in water. It typically comes with a revolving crown that divers can use to help them know how long they’ve been submerged underwater, along with other use-cases.

An aviation watch comes equipped with an altimeter and other functionalities that can help airline pilots know the wind pressure, movement, among other important details.

Simple Yet Elegant

A watch may look simple on the surface yet that simplicity can help people in terms of improving their fashion sense. Furthermore, because a watch is much simpler than a smartphone, you cannot be distracted by just wearing a timepiece.

Reflection of Style

No matter what timepiece you end up buying and from what brand, a watch is definitely a reflection of one’s style. From simple and subdued dress watches to oversized chronograph watches, there is always a watch that satisfies any person’s individual taste.


Do you know one thing I don’t like about smartphones? Battery life. You would have to charge your phones on a daily basis if you want them to last during the day.

Watches are more reliable because they carry powerful energy reserves that allow it to function for a much longer time (think years).

Have a Relationship with Time

Lastly, people who are wearing watches know the value of their time and they want to make use of every second of it.