6 Solid Clubs in Kuala Lumpur that Definitely Deserves Your Attention

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There is no doubt that Kuala Lumpur is filled with a lot of shopping malls and
restaurants that deserve your attention. However, the bustling city is not only limited to
that as it offers quite a lot more for your enjoyment.

I highly recommend that you go to some solid clubs which I will talk about in this article.
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Here are some of the solid clubs in Kuala Lumpur that definitely deserves your

Le Noir

This club is quite a solid one simply because every floor in the establishment offers
something new. The Le Noir is managed by Attica which means that those who frequent
their establishment will experience the same familiar vibe here.

Anyway, whether you want to dance on the massive dance floor or if you just want to sip
your favorite cocktail while listening to the beat, Le Noir has got you covered.

And oh, if you want to tone down the music a little bit, there is an alfresco area that
allows you to enjoy the cool breeze at night.


One of the most unique clubs I’ve ever been to, there is a reason why the establishment
is called Artebar and that is due to the amazing artsy ceiling. When you look up, you will
find an assortment of DC comics characters, as well as other characters from pop
culture as well.

The food here is amazing and it is not as costly as other nightclubs in the city. But, what
I really want you to try here is their Grand Sour and Martini Tiramisu cocktails since they
provide an explosion of flavors in every sip.

Club Jiro

I just want to point out that the proper pronunciation of the club is “jai-ro” and not “jee-
ro”. That being said, this place is riddled with top-level sound systems so that you can
truly hear the thumping of the bass that is mostly inherent in techno and R&B.

Located in Bangsar, the club also provides people with VIP rooms for more privacy and
a private DJ can also be hired to give you all of the songs that you want to be played
inside the room.


BarAtas is a rather unique bar in that it combines modern music to that of 60’s
Malaysian heritage. You can see so many Chinese lanterns and some artifacts of old
being showcased in the area so you can really feel the melding of the old and the new.

They serve this amazing cendol cocktail that provides you with a nice cold feel on every
sip. Ladies that want to save money can go to this club because they offer free drinks
for the ladies twice a week.

Zeta Bar

Unlike the other nightclubs on this list, the Zeta Bar is unique in that instead of a DJ
playing your favorite beats, you can find live performances here. So, if you want your
music to be performed live and in raw format, the Zeta Bar has got you covered.

Fuze Club

If you want a really spacious nightclub, then look no further than the Fuze. This place
can accommodate up to 1,500 guests per night and international DJs frequent this club
as well.

It has a two-floor design where people can go to the second level to see the stage up
the top.