6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Fashionable Men’s Watch

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Are you looking for new fashionable men’s watches in Malaysia? This can be quite
overwhelming, since there are tons of watch brands and styles out there to choose from. You
might think that shopping for men’s timepieces is easy, but it’s not! Just like with women’s
watches, it can be stressful and confusing, too. Here are 4 important points that will help you get
the watch that perfectly matches your personality.

1. Go for a simple piece.

If you are giving a watch as a gift, the best choice is a minimalist, classy timepiece, most
especially if you are not sure what the individual loves in a watch. This basic design can be worn
on several events and occasions. Moreover, it can easily compliment any type of outfit.

2. Stick to your budget.

Think about your budget before finalizing your purchase. There are tons of brands out there that
caters to all budget ranges. Some are very expensive, while some are highly affordable. Look for
a timepiece that you love, and at the same time suits your budget.

3. Familiarize yourself with proportions.

Proportion is a crucial component that you must consider when choosing a watch. This is the key
in choosing a timepiece that will suit an individual’s style. Make sure that it doesn’t look
awkward on your wrist. For men, a watch with a huge face is usually a good option. Small-faced
ones may look very feminine.

4. When selecting a watch, always consider the watch movement.

Familiarize yourself with different types of watches, and watch movements. Choose between a
quartz and mechanical movement. Mechanical watches typically have a smooth, sweeping
second hand that is quite common in several luxury brands. Meanwhile, the quartz movement
gives out a “tick-tock” motion every second.