6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Web Hosting Solution for You

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Want to know how to get the best web hosting provider for you? Well, you’re going to
want to read the entire article because I will be giving away free tips to help you choose
the right one for your website. So, without further ado, let’s get on, shall we?

Don’t Fall for That ‘Free Domain’

There are some hosting providers that will also give you the means of registering for
their own domain. That is only partly true, however.

You see, there are some companies that have a subsidiary or a partner company that
handles the domain. So, you may want to ask a particular web host if they truly own the
domain registry or if they rely on an external entity.

Also, you want to ask if there will be a subdomain placed after your own email service.
Cheap and free web hosting providers are notorious for this and you do not want that to
happen to you, especially if you are running a business. You want your own domain
name in your email service so that it will look professional in the eyes of your

Read Their ToS, Particularly on the Bandwidth and Storage Parts

Do you read a company’s terms of service? If you haven’t done that your entire life, now
would be a great time to turn on a new leaf.

You see, hosting providers are mandated by law to be as transparent as possible when
it comes to the services that they provide. But, they also know that not a lot of people
actually read the ToS and that is why most people get surprised when they are not able
to do this or that.

That being said, you want to read the terms of service (ToS) of the hosting provider that
you want to sign up to so that you will be aware of their bandwidth and storage services.

‘Unlimited’ is Really Not What You Think It Is

There are hosting companies that will lure you into their service by offering you
‘unlimited services’; typically, the bandwidth and storage. Well, I am here to tell you right
now that you shouldn’t fall for it.

You see, the only reason why they offer ‘unlimited’ services is that they assume that you
are not really getting the full extent of the services that they provide. However, if you do,
say, maximize their bandwidth, you might experience slow-downs as a result because
you might have violated their policy in terms of bandwidth usage. That is why it is

important that you read the terms of service carefully to find out if there are any
restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Research is Vital

Since you are signing up for a web hosting provider for the long-term, it is best that you
do some research first before you sign the digital dotted line.

Conduct a quick Google search for web hosting reviews and collate the information that
you can find. Always read a review with a critical eye because there might be some
affiliate marketers that will make biased reviews just so that it will give you the
impression that their partner company is really that good (when it necessarily isn’t).

Use Paypal

This may be somewhat of an unrelated tip, but this is actually quite helpful, especially if
you do not reside in America.

Most web hosting companies that you can find will only accept US Dollars. Fortunately,
Paypal is a good service that does all of the conversion for you and it is really easy to
protect your money using the platform as well.

Try the Service First Before Committing Long Term
Annual plans allow you to save a lot of money, but before you commit for the long term,
try a particular company first for at least 2-3 months. If you are satisfied with the service,
then and only then should you sign-up for an annual plan.