High Card Flush

Learn to Play High Card Flush

What is the goal of the high card flush? It’s objective is to beat the hand of the dealer, and create at least a 3-card flush. It is played with a 52-card standard English deck, and all the hands are valued just like in other regular poker games.

If you have no experience with other poker variations, don’t worry. You can still learn it easily at online casino Malaysia. A flush is basically a card set that are of the same suit, like diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades.

Just sit down, and exchange your money for the chips. Afterwards, you’re ready.

To begin, place the first bet at the Ante circle. Then, wait for your dealer to give the players, and themselves 7 cards. Once all the cards are out, look at what you have been dealt. With 7 cards, you’ll have a minimum of 2 cards of the same suit. However, the more, the better, and the more you can place as a bet at the call circle.

High Card Flush

The Dealer’s Qualifying Hand

How to qualify, and pay for all the call bets? The dealer should make at least a 3-flush. Also, it should be at least 9-high. If the dealer fails to qualify, then the call wager’s a push, and players would only in even money on their ante wager.

What if the dealer qualifies? Then, they hand of the player should be much higher compared to the dealer’s. If they hold the same number in the same suit of cards, then the biggest card wins.

Beating the qualifying hand of the dealer means that the player is given even money on both call wagers and ante wagers.

Take note that suits are really irrelevant when it comes high-card flush.

The Bonus Wager

Just like in other table games, there’s a bonus wager which can be placed prior to the dealing of other cards.

High Card Flush

The Bonus Wager Pay Table

  • Pays 2 to 1 – 4-Card Flush
  • Pays 5 to 1- 5-Card Flush
  • Pays 75 to 1 – 6-Card Flush
  • Pays 300 to 1 – 7-Card Flush

The Winning Strategy for High Card Flush

What do you think is the easiest technique to do for High Card Flush? Mimic your dealer’s qualifying hand. You need to fold your 3-card flush below 9-high, and then make the maximum.

Straight Flush Bonus

In some casinos, another specific bet is provided. It’s called straight flush bonus. However, the house edge is at 13%. If a player makes at least a 3-card flush, then he or she will win.