How to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Career Using Bluehost

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If you want to build your career as an affiliate, you have to first create your own
platform. A lot of people go for blogs, but having a website is not a bad choice at all. In
fact, I would much rather have a website than a blog, but it is entirely up to you.

The reason why a website would be more beneficial is the fact that you can easily
create whatever type of content you want and you can post it easily on your website.

Aside from that, there are a lot more tools at your disposal, something that might not be
possible with just a regular blog.

Anyway, people usually use WordPress to create their own websites because they can
do it for free, albeit with limited options. But, you don’t want that mediocre-looking
website; you want something that people want to go to.

For that reason, I am going to recommend that you start using Bluehost instead. In
today’s article, I will help you start your own affiliate marketing career by using this
particular web solution.

Why Bluehost?

Truth be told, Bluehost is actually partnered with WordPress, albeit you are given more
features than your run-of-the-mill WordPress account.

I highly recommend this platform simply because it is so easy to get your website up
and running and you are pretty much guided throughout the entire process.

What Should I Do?

To start creating your own website and have all of the things up and running, here are
the steps:

1. Visit the Site

Go to the official Bluehost website and then sign-up. You will be given three different
tiers and although the basic plan will do, such a plan is just good for beginners.

However, if you want to make affiliate marketing as your primary career, then I suggest
that you get the higher tiers, preferably the premium tier so that you can unlock all of the

2. Input Your Domain Name

Once you have chosen your preferred plan, you will then be asked to input your domain
name. If you haven’t decided on your domain name yet or if you do not have a particular
name in your mind, then you can also use their own domain finder feature instead.

After putting in your domain name, you will be asked to fill out your account credentials
and billing information. This part of the process is straightforward and just fill in the
necessary boxes to proceed.

3. Create Your Website

Once you’ve got the domain name and your credentials filled in, the next step would be
to create your own website.

You will be presented with a couple of themes that you can choose from and one
advantage here is that since you’ve signed up to Bluehost, you will be given a lot of
different and unique themes to choose from.

After you’ve finished selecting your theme, you will then be asked if the website is for
personal or business purposes. The choice is entirely yours.

4. Manage Your Plugins

Once that is done, you will then be delivered to the main interface. Here, you can start
creating posts or your main content. But, before anything else, you can enable and
install your preferred scripts and plugins first. The platform allows you to have the
freedom to install whatever you want, so do your own research to find out which plugins
will really work for you.

5. Start Working!

After everything is done, all you really need to do now is start creating content! Be sure
to also take search engine optimization into consideration because you are technically
running a website and it can seriously help you rank higher in the search engine results
pages or SERPs.