How to Win in a High Variance Game: Knowing a Poker Strategy

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A high variance game provides a good opportunity for players to quickly make large amounts of cash. Variance refers to the bankroll of a poker player’s swings (or volatility). High-variance games apply to those that in your bankroll will cause big swings. Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash games, multi-table matches, and’ Sit and Go’s’ are some of the poker games with high variance.

Reading the scenario

You will need exceptional skills when reading a game situation to be able to win in high variance games. As a game player with high variance, you will often find yourself in situations where a large proportion of your bankroll is at stake. You will be well served in such situations by being able to read a situation, assessing your hand against what the opponents are likely to have. That skill will let you choose to stick to your guns or take your bankroll to prepare for the next round.

Changing Gears

As a game player with a high variance, you must also be able to quickly change gears. This is because the coloring of games with high variance will rapidly change. You might have a huge number of chips at stake, and the chances of going on in the game will depend on your ability to adapt easily to a new scenario. That’s why as the game changes, you should be able to change gears. You should be able to modify your style of playing to counteract with other players on the table who may begin to be aggressive when the game enters these moments of making or breaking.

Play Games with Big Bankroll.

Games with high volatility typically require significant bankrolls, allowing a player to stay in a game even when facing a downward swing. One of the advantages of playing in high variance games is that when you go through an upward swing, you can earn huge sums. This can serve to tide the defeats that come during depressive swings. Since bankroll plays an important role in helping you to remain in a game and win, you should use a few tactics to help you manage the money.

  • Cash Games in PLO. Hold a number that allows you to pay at least 30 buy-ins. This will help ensure that at any point in a meeting, less than 4 percent of your bankroll is at risk. This will allow you to play for long-term wins. A player’s potential and chances of winning arise in long-term, high-variance matches.
  • ‘Sit and Go’ Competitions (Omaha). ‘Sit and Go’ tournaments are one of the most unpredictable and highly variable types of poker. Players can go through long spells of winning and losing in these tournaments. In order to have enough bankroll to fund the players, it is important to keep the buy-in in their accounts at least 50 times. If at the start of the game you experience a big loss, avoid cashing in more than the buy-in. This will give you the opportunity to play longer in the game and increase your chances of winning.

Modify Your Playing Style

Your playing style should be well balanced to playing games with high variance. Blinds can be hacked and in a high risk match chips can be added to your stack very early. It may be helpful to snatch the blinds in tournaments, but not so much in cash games. So avoid playing in the latter for the blinds.

A loose aggressive play style in games with opponents who are close players can be quite effective. More pots will be joined by a loose aggressive player. He’s also going to play more hands than his opponents. This exposes him to many chances of winning in a game of high variance. When you start with a boost, it gives you the opportunity to build the pot. Playing this way is best suited for tournaments because in a short time it helps to build large stacks. You’ll have control in the bubble stage of events if you use this style of playing.

Be Prepared Mentally For Swings

There is a strong chance that your bankroll will see major downward swings when competing in high variance games. For this uncertainty, a player should be trained psychologically. You may also want to skip the meeting if you’ve been on a losing streak and want to end it. You can go back to it later. Fold a few not-so-good hands after that and take a break in case you come across too many bad beats. If you want to win high-variance matches, you need to be psychologically and tactically powerful.

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