Instructions on How to Play a Game of Craps

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If you go to a live casino in Malaysia, you will probably spend your time marveling at the construction of the place. As you are strolling around the institution, you find that a lot of people are gathering in a particular section of the casino.

That place is probably the craps pit and you will most likely hear hollering and whopping as players who have recently won give each other high-fives and other animated hand gestures.

Craps, as you can probably tell from the description, is actually one of the most enjoyable casino games out there. It is a fast-moving game and because of its nature, players are not shy of showing their emotions as the game is going on.

Because of that, this is probably not fit for new players who are still relatively shy about these kinds of environments. If you feel this way, take solace in the fact that you are actually not alone. A lot of players want to join in on the action, but because of how rowdy players get, they might actually be afraid to even approach the craps table.

Be that as it may, I will provide you with some key information about the game so that you can start playing craps.

The Passline Bet

Before you play the game, you will be asked to place a passline bet. This is where you will place your wager on the passline before another shooter will begin their roll. When this happens, this move will be called the “Come Out Roll”.

If, after rolling the dice, that the shooter rolls a number 7 or 11, you will win. If the shooter were to roll a 2, 3, or 12, you will lose. If the shooter will come up with any number not from the ones I’ve mentioned, then the number that is rolled will become the point number.

After which, the shooter will be required to roll the number again before the number 7 is rolled out. If the subsequent rolls do not come up as a number 7, then you will continue to win and you will get the money from your passline bet. Should the number 7 be rolled before the point number is rolled again, you will lose.

Odds Bet

If the point number is established, the player will be given the chance to place an additional bet behind their original passline bet. That thing will be referred to as the Odds Bet.

Players will actually be happy to know that the Odds bet is the only bet that doesn’t have a house edge. In other words, the bet will be paid off with true odds.

In some casinos, they allow the players to make double odds, which will allow them to bet twice the size of their original passline bet. Suppose that your bet is $10, you are allowed to make a 20-dollar odds bet.

Keep in mind that the passline bet is the most basic bet that you can make in a craps game. What’s good about this is that you can pretty much learn a lot of things about craps online since the vast wealth of information is already presented in the medium.