Top 6 Parenting Books You Must Read Right Now

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1. Nobody Told Me – Hollie McNish

Parenting tips and advice in this book are offered through wonderful poetry and prose. Holiie
McNish recounts her own personal experiences in parenthood and pregnancy. From a story about
enduring toddler tantrums to a poem on morning sickness, the author beautifully wrote about the
joys and trials of being a parent.

2. The Artful Parent – Jean Van’t Hul

Baby care is not only about buying baby bath accessories in Malaysia. It is also about educating
yourself as a parent. How can you care for your little one without neglecting yourself? This
gorgeous book suggests plenty of brilliant ideas and projects for babies, toddlers and children.After reading this book, you will realize that creativity is a huge part of childhood education.

3. The Calm and Happy Toddler – Dr. Rebecca Chicot

This book offers a realistic take on what parents must expect from their child’s early toddler
years. It gives parents doable strategies and sensible tactics in implementing independence,
sharing and discipline.

4. Your Baby Week by Week – Dr. Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave

“Your Baby Week by Week” is highly recommended by plenty of new parents. It talks about
babies and their first six months in this world. If you are a first-time mom who is still clueless
about dealing with newborns, read this book. There are also tips on early problems including
burping, cradled cap and nappy rashes.

5. Keep Calm: The New Mum’s Manual – Dr. Ellie Cannon

Are you looking for a new parenting book that can lessen your anxiety about parenthood? Then
this is it. Feeling anxious is perfectly normal. According to Dr. Cannon, what you need to do is
to trust your own instincts. You don’t need to follow certain rules and tips. Take a deep breath,
drink tea, and feel more confident and calmer.

6. The Gardener and the Carpenter – Alison Gopnik

This book is certainly not for light reading. It is a thought-provoking material that encourages
parents to give their children encouragement and space to explore life’s different possibilities.
We should allow them to make their own mistakes, and teen flourish in their own unique ways.