Useful Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Your Business More Successful in Holidays

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The holiday season is fast approaching and you can expect that a lot of major businesses and brands are looking for affiliate marketers to help promote their products and services.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a business that wants to take advantage of the situation, then you need to know some useful affiliate marketing strategies in Malaysia to guarantee your success.

Review Your Last Year’s Performance

In order for you to create a good and solid affiliate marketing strategy, you must first have to look at your overall performance last year. Look at your ad placements, your returns, average order value, and find out which promotional materials have provided you with the best value and results.

In addition, you also want to look at the first three quarters of the current year for you to identify which of your affiliates have provided you with the best results in terms of driving more traffic to your e-commerce website.

Look Past Recent Events

A lot of major brands focus their attention towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday as these are two events that are assured to have a huge spike in sales.

Although you can always look forward to these two events, you should also look at prior events as well, such as the Singles’ Day and the Free Shipping Day which happens on December 15.

Even though they are considered to be non-peak events (at least, when compared to Black Friday, for example), you should still include it in your affiliate marketing strategy regardless.

Tell Your Partners About Your Holiday Goals

As a businessman, you have to plot out your goals for the fourth quarter of every year and communicate this with your affiliates.
This is an important step because publishers employ different marketing and promotional methods. They may use themed newsletters, banner ads, paid placements, among many other things. Their strategy should be aligned with yours to help you get the results that you want.

Plan meetings with your affiliates and explain to them your goals in the last quarter of the year. Furthermore, you can also designate a brainstorming session to help them give you some ideas to help support your goals.

You have to start planning early to help you plot a strategy that will help boost your promotional support.

Foster New Relationships Every Year

A lot of successful brands know the power of relationships, especially because forging new partnerships can help bring more success each and every year. You can entice new partnerships by sweetening the deal, such as a small increase in your commission rates or an additional flat rate.

Furthermore, you also want to think about your customers as well. Perhaps, you can designate a day or two during the holiday season where you give them some perks and incentives, such as giving them discounts if they reach a certain money threshold or even shouldering the shipping costs- making it absolutely free for them.