Watch Movements 101: Automatic vs. Mechanical vs. Quartz

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Mechanical Movement

Purchasing women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia is not easy. There are tons of watch brands
and models available in the market, so picking the best timepiece can be time-consuming. If you
are operating on a big budget, you may want to settle with a mechanical watch.

Mechanical timepieces are hand-wound devices that utilize a complex movement. Their
movement is composed of hundreds of little parts which are orchestrated to function in harmony,
in order to make the timepiece work. A lot of mechanical watches are created by reputable Swiss
watch brands. Some models even reach thousands of dollars. This is the reason why collectors
consider mechanical movement as more valuable compared to quartz.

Automatic Movement

Automatic watches also use mechanical movement. The main difference here is that it continues
to tick on its own, without having to wind it every single day. All you need to do is wear it on
your wrist. Then, your arm’s motion keeps the timepiece wound. Today, almost all automatic
timepieces have a power reserve that provides a window to take off the watch from the wrist
without the need to be in motion.

Watches with automatic movements are quite different from mechanical watches. A quality wrist
watch with a handmade, in-house movement may cost a little fortune. For each feature added to
the timepiece, the complication of crafting the movement increases. This, in turn, drives up the
costs. These features are known was watch complications.

Quartz Movement

Seiko developed the quartz movement back in 1959. It is also called as the battery-powered
watch, and depends on watch battery to continue ticking. Basically, you don’t need to do
anything for it to keep ticking. Just change its battery every few years. One of its most amazing
benefits is that it is more accurate than any automatic or mechanical watch.

Since it is running with the help of a simple battery, this movement is typically reserved for
cheap fashion watches bought by women and men who are after attractive timepieces. They just
don’t care about the mechanics. All they think about is wearing something attractive and stylish.
For those people who want collect watches, the artistry of automatic and manually-wound
watches are worth considering.